Monday, 1 July 2013

How To Mince Rhubarb


Tips for Rhubarb Mincing

A Mincing with a knife is slow and tedious as the rhubarb is very fibrous.
This method takes a lot of effort. More effort than I wanted to put in.

B Using a hand chopper doesn't work too well.
 It seems to squish the rhubarb (and it's long fibers) as opposed to chopping them.

C Combining of knife and hand chopping works well.
I found the easiest and fasted way to achieve a mince was to slice the rhubarb into 1/4 inch sized coins then use a hand chopper to mince.

D  Using a food processor may be the easiest way for you to mince rhubarb.
 Mine takes a lot of work. Lugging it out.  Setting it up.  Cleaning it.  Blah.

My simplest method is C (stated above).

You may need to perform your own Really Rhubarb Experiment
to determine which tip works best for you.

Merry Mincing! 

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