Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Really Rhubarb Experiment

As soon as the snow had melted our rhubarb sprung up! 
When it first came up I was happy to see life, FINALLY, after an excruciatingly loooong winter.  
Spring did come! 
I thought, "Wow the pioneers must have really loved rhubarb.  It springs up ready to eat first thing after the snow.  And I'm sure after a winter of eating potatoes and carrots (or whatever they ate) you'd be craving some fresh fruit and veg.  Also you only need to plant it once. It just keeps coming back again and again."

I sat back and admired my little rhubarb patch.

I and my family then got to work busily preparing the rest of our yard.  Prune fruit trees.  Weed, fertilize and mow lawn.  Weed, fertilize and turn over garden.  Expand garden.  Plant seeds.  Plant annuals. Plant containers.  Water everything! 

And then my rhubarb patch became a HUGE rhubarb patch.

While I was busy preparing my garden for a yield in September, my rhubarb was busy yielding now!!

Thus began the

Really Rhubarb Experiment.

The purpose of this experiment, put simply, is to find the fastest, easiest and simplest methods to eat or preserve this wonderful fruit (or is it a veg?).  And it gives me an excuse to discover and create some wonderful new recipes.

Are you as excited as I am!?!?

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